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Hi, my name is Kieron and I was born on the 20th April 2000 and weighed just 1lb 5ozs (595gr)
I have Cerebral Palsy but, as you will see by looking at the various parts of the website this doesn't stop me getting out and enjoying myself .
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I now go to Fountaindale Specialist School in Mansfield, which I travel to by bus with two other young people. I have just gone up into secondary phase, where I'm working hard and have a busy timetable.
On a Wednesday evening I stay at school for Multi-Skills Sports Club until 5.30pm, where we do sports such as cricket, football, boccia and curling. Sometimes on a Monday or Tuesday evening I stay at school until 7pm, we have tea and do an activity.
Once or twice a month I go and stay at Caudwell House in Southwell (about a 40 minutes drive from
From 2004 to July 2009, I was at Redlands Primary and Nursery School in Worksop , then I moved to Fountaindale in September 2009. I enjoyed myself at Redlands, but I'm really enjoying being part of the secondary phase and making new friends.
I enjoy dictating texts and emails to my friends and family, which my mummy or daddy type for me. 
Enjoy the website
On the London Eye.
my home) sometimes during the week or at weekends. There are other young people there with physical needs and I've made lots of new friends. This gives mummy and daddy a bit of a rest and break too.